George B

Managing Partner

George is co-founder and Managing Partner of BAM Technologies LLC. As a former enlisted veteran coming from a long family history of military service, he brings vast experience from military life to solve problems in military life. A lifelong technology enthusiast, George has been creating innovative solutions to make work more productive and make jobs efficient in the military. As an earlier adopter of tech in the workplace, George quickly gained recognition for simple solutions to manage fuel consumption and maintenance status for fighter jets on the flight line to managing budgets for education and training for large government programs with great accuracy.

George is very passionate about providing world-class software solutions to the people that serve and support our country. He is responsible for architecting and building enterprise-grade software and business IT solutions to solve complex problems using the latest tech and inspiring the agile mindset in the teams that do the work. He is very focused on building things right, using the best tools, recruiting the best talent, and providing unrelenting service to our customers.