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Digital Transformation Kit -
Direct to Phase II

Are you making real progress with your Digital Transformation Strategy?
Are your new systems interoperating with legacy systems?
Do you have a plan to modernize core business systems that are costly?

At BAM Technologies, we understand the challenges government agencies face when it comes to rapidly delivering high-quality software solutions. Our Digital Transformation Kit (DTK) is designed to offer an innovative approach to streamline development and integrations for IT systems and technologies, optimize resource utilization, and foster collaboration among teams.


Accelerated Development

With our Low-Code platform, even non-technical staff can contribute to application development, reducing development time significantly. This empowers agencies to quickly roll out new services and solutions to meet evolving needs securely and with significant cost savings.

Scalabale Architecture

Our microservice-based approach ensures modular and scalable applications. This enables agencies to adapt swiftly to changing requirements, ensuring seamless growth and improved system performance.

Data Interoperability

Our microservice architecture is built on an API-first approach and promotes the use of unified data standards. This ensures data is represented in a consistent format so that systems can communicate with each other across an entire ecosystem.

Legacy Systems

Our Low-Code Center of Excellence can integrate with existing legacy systems and databases. By leveraging microservices, agencies can modernize their IT infrastructure without the need for a complete overhaul.

Enhanced Collaboration

The Low-Code Center of Excellence facilitates collaboration between IT professionals and domain experts, fostering synergy and promoting cross-functional innovation.

Cost Efficiency

By significantly reducing the need for hand-coding and simplifying the development process, our solution minimizes operational costs and maximizes return on investment.

More About SBIR

What is it?

Awarded July 2023, BAM Technologies SBIR Phase II award not only opens the door to groundbreaking technology but also allows for sole source contracting opportunities and rapid acquisition of BAM Technologies’ solutions.

Sole-Source Authority: The SBIR Reauthorization Act provides agencies with the flexibility to award Phase III contracts on a sole-source basis to the SBIR awardees, streamlining the acquisition process and eliminating the need for a lengthy competitive bidding process.

     Rapid Acquisition: With access to Phase III contracts, government agencies can rapidly acquire and deploy our innovative solutions, ensuring swift implementation and time-to-market advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Phase III SBIR contracts?
Phase III SBIR contracts aim to facilitate the commercialization and transition of successful SBIR Phase II technologies into operational use within government agencies or the private sector.

What funding sources can be used for Phase III contracts?
Phase III efforts can use any type of funding (e.g. RDT&E, Procurement, etc.).  Phase III funding comes from sources outside the SBIR program, such as our agency's internal funding, non-SBIR contracts, or other government funding mechanisms.  

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Can an Agency award a Phase III contract resulting from a Phase I/II efforts which were originally awarded by another agency?
Yes, so long as it derives from, extends, or completes an effort made under prior SBIR Funding agreements (i.e., Phase I or Phase II).

     Can a Phase III contract be initiated before the Phase II effort is complete?
There is no limit on the time that may elapse between a Phase I or Phase II award and Phase III award, or between a Phase III award and any subsequent Phase III award. A Federal Agency may enter into a Phase III SBIR/STTR agreement at any time with a Phase II Awardee. A subcontract to a Federally-funded prime contract may also be a Phase III award.

     Can our agency modify the technology under a Phase III contract to suit our specific needs?
Yes, Phase III contracts can be tailored to meet the unique needs of our agency. The awardee can modify the technology or develop additional features to align with our requirements. Phase III efforts must derive from, extend, or complete an effort made under prior SBIR Funding agreements (i.e. Phase I or Phase II).

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